AI Consulting

Partner with ITSoli to accelerate your AI journey with our ready to use accelerators, libraries, and global experts in AI tech stack.


Currently, there are more questions than answers about AI. Selecting a consulting partner will be more difficult as you may not even know what questions to ask. This is where ITSoli differentiates itself from others.

We have built the AI practice with individuals who have been working in this domain for many years and have a pragmatic view of how AI can be adopted for the enterprise, or the challenges faced by AI startups. Our team works closely with your teams to maximize the investments you plan to make in AI demonstrating value in a matter of weeks.

Whether it is about creating or cleaning data-pipelines, creating AI models, fine-tuning or retraining of an open-source model, ML Ops, or any other activity related to AI adoption journey, we are here to help you achieve desired results.

Startups can benefit from our expertise in customer success and PM practices to scale their product delivery without having to hire at scale.

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