AI Adoption & Transformation

Our AI framework gets you started on your AI journey. We help you assess and create an actionable AI transformation...


By most accounts, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have 10x impact on our daily lives than the world-wide-web did! Early adopters of this new technology will have an insurmountable advantage against their competitors. Think Amazon, Netflix, and many others who embraced the WWW to create and grow their competitive advantage over the many years.

We, at itsoli, have put together a framework that will help you get started on your AI journey. Whether it is brief sessions to introduce AI to your executives, leader and managers, or a detailed assessment to create an AI adoption and transformation roadmap to get you ahead of your competitors.

  • Assess AI readiness and create an AI adoption strategy with an executable roadmap to align with business objectives.
  • AI Workshops and Trainings
    • Introduction to AI, industry trends, recommended approach and itsoli‚Äôs AI offerings
      • Target audience: Executives, Sr. Leadership, and decision makers
    • Introduction to AI, model architectures and development
      • Target audience: Practitioners, general audience with some technical background or interest in getting deeper understanding of AI
    • One day AI Workshop intact session that includes the above topics with hands-on case study for AI adoption tailored to your organization. Limited to 12 participants in one session
      • Target audience: Intact sessions for an organization or a group
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