Custom LLM Fine-Tuning & Prompt-Training

Our team of experts work with you to fine-tune and train new and existing models maximizing the value from generative AI.


Our team of experts can help you with the fine-tuning and training of new and existing models to maximize the value from generative AI. Our ready to use prompt libraries will speed up the process many folds and get you up and experimenting with generative AI in days or weeks, instead of months.

Before an AI model can generate meaningful predictions, it must be trained or fine-tuned with the relevant datasets and prompts. While an AI model trained on a product review dataset can predict customer satisfaction easily; it can be further fine-tuned and prompt trained to predict issues with supply chain, product design and even product support organization and processes.

  • Fine-tune open-source LLMs to your data to generate insights and predictions from your data.
  • Prompt Engineering and Prompt Training that are relevant to you.
  • Prompt Design and Development targeted to your specific use cases.
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