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AI Is Accelerating Future: Closer Than You Think

May 29, 2024

Since the debut of ChatGPT, discussions about the future of humanity and artificial intelligence (AI) have intensified. The blend of fear and excitement has reached a fever pitch, reminiscent of the reaction to past groundbreaking technologies. We liken the launch of ChatGPT to the ‘Netscape moment’ for AI.

The Role of Influencers and Leaders

It’s disheartening to see social role models, technology leaders, and influencers indulging in fear-mongering and hype, especially since many of them have built AI technologies themselves. Instead of presenting an objective and balanced view, they choose to stir public anxiety. The recent open letter from 1000 technical leaders and researchers calling for a six-month pause on AI development is akin to the big-three Detroit automakers raising concerns about Tesla’s full self-driving technology.

Contradictions and Hypocrisy

If these technical leaders are genuinely worried about job losses, will they stop automating their factories? Will they dismantle robotic assembly lines and rehire humans to build cars, appliances, and electronics? Will they reconsider downsizing their marketing or customer support departments as they implement generative AI and chatbots? These are just a few of the many questions that arise.

Unrealistic Expectations

The statement that "Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable" is naive at best. Name one technology that was developed with complete confidence in its positive effects and manageable risks. The open letter seems more like a plea for time to catch up, as many were caught off guard by rapid advancements.

A New Perspective

Just as the warning on a car’s side mirror reads ‘Objects are closer than they appear,’ those working in technology should remember that ‘The future is closer than it appears.’ In finer print, add ‘…and it may not be to your liking.’ Our passion for AI began decades ago with sci-fi. The book "Gödel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter played a pivotal role in anchoring this interest. Since then, we have continuously learned about and experimented with evolving AI technologies. We have decided to blog more about this journey, so stay tuned!

Contrarian Opinions

Often strong opinions contradicts the prevailing narrative. The idea is to spark important conversations. We hope this blog does the same, fostering thoughtful discussions and reflections on the future of AI.

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